Residents of the Montreal South Shore now have a brand new destination to discover for the purchase of a used motorsports vehicle: Park Avenue Sports Motorisés, located in Brossard on Boulevard du Quartier, near Highways 30 and 10.

We’re easy to spot from the road and very easy to access. Our specialists are there to help our customers make an informed choice about their next motorsport vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, motocross, ATV or boat.

Some tips before buying a used motorsports vehicle

Regardless of the vehicle type – motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side – you must keep in mind that the choice of a used motorized sport vehicle should be based on your needs and driving experience. You also have to determine whether, for example, you will use your next motorcycle for commuting to work, taking long rides or competing against other motorcyclists on a closed circuit.

Once you have thought everything through, it’s time to start shopping for your machine! If a shiny motocross catches your eyes, you need to find out about its history before saying “yes, this is the one! I’ve got to have it!” Has this vehicle had any major breakdowns? Has it been involved in accidents? – and other similar questions. Make sure you also read the label on the vehicle so that you will know its mileage, model, year of manufacture, etc.

Another important “must” consideration before buying a motorsport vehicle: the test drive. This is a barometer moment that determines whether or not the vehicle you plan to buy is exactly the right one for you. In the case of a motorcycle, the test drive is the perfect time to check the riding position: is it pleasant? comfortable?

We advise you to be well prepared for this test and bring with you all the appropriate equipment, including a helmet. You will also need to accept any liability the test drive entails.

The right place: Park Avenue Sports Motorisés

Purchasing a motorsport vehicle at Park Avenue Sports Motorisés means more than choosing a new means of transport. You will be served by a family of highly experienced motor vehicle enthusiasts who have acquired over time several years of experience, and will offer you their best advice.

Whether you are from the Greater Montreal area, eastern Ontario or eastern Quebec, our team will be happy to assist you in purchasing the pre-owned vehicle of your dreams.

Come visit us or contact us to discover our inventory and find the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your needs.

Park Avenue Sports Motorisés: Pre-owned at its best!